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founder + certified pilates instructor

I fell in love with Pilates in 2018. the physical and mental benefits of a Pilates practice were obvious to me from the start. confidence, poise, strength, and determination starting showing up in my daily life. I am a perfectionist; almost to a fault. I enrolled in Pilates teacher training to learn more about anatomy and biomechanics so I could improve my own practice. I had no idea how much I would love teaching and watching others find confidence in the capabilities of their bodies + build a foundation for self-love. In April of 2023, I took a leap of faith, left my career as a CPA and founded INNER VISION PILATES.
INNER VISION exists to be more than a space to workout. I am obsessed with movement and understanding our minds + bodies are positively impacted by breath work and an intentional movement practice. I hopes Pilates is the gateway for my clients to discover true health + happiness so they can live their inner vision. 

I hold a certification in Pilates on the mat and apparatuses from PRISM Pilates. I am actively working towards my Perinatal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES) certification through Dr. Sarah Duvall, PT and deepening my Pilates training under the direction of Holly Swanson and Jacquelyn Brennan's 500-hr education program 'The Lab' based in Chicago. 

certified pilates instructor

I started doing Pilates on the reformer in 2017. My first class was the most challenging, yet rewarding, workout I had ever done. After learning the importance of breath and the noticing the difference Pilates made on my overall physical and mental health, I was hooked. I completed my reformer teacher training in 2018. I initially wanted to go through training to learn more about Pilates and my body so I could truly get the most out of my workouts but ended up falling in love with the community + helping others reach their goals. 


I hold a certification in Pilates on the mat and reformer from PRISM Pilates.

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