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To inquire about private or semi-private training, please email us at or call 859-250-7294. Private training cannot be booked online.

is private training for you?

1. you're a beginner​
if you're new to pilates, a 55-minute private session will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates and build your confidence on the reformer, before jumping into a group setting.
2. you appreciate attention to detail
you want to learn more about your body, deepen your practice, or maybe you just really love Pilates. private training is a great way to get high-touch instruction specifically tailored to your goals.
3. you have an unpredictable schedule
if your schedule is unpredictable or group class times don't work for you, private training is the way to create a consistent routine on your terms.
4. you have injuries or recent body changes
if you’re pregnant or postpartum, working through an injury, recovering from surgery, or navigating a chronic health condition, private training is a great way to tailor your workout to your evolving needs.


is semi-private training for you?

1. you want to workout with a friend
​our private duet sessions are a perfect way for you and a friend to spend time together and reform. 
2. you're celebrating a special occasion
bachelorette + birthday parties. corporate wellness events. fundraisers.  
grab your crew and head to the studio for a curated private class. we can accommodate up to 8 clients. for current pricing and add-ons, please email us at

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